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There is no money to be made selling blood anymore. It can, however, pay off to sell plasma, a component in blood that is used in a number of treatments for serious illnesses.

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But no one could reasonably think of a twice-weekly plasma donation as a job. In Johnson City, Tennessee, we met a year-old who donates plasma as often as 10 times a month—as frequently as the law allows.

The terms of our research prevent us from revealing her identity. She is able to donate only when her husband has time to keep an eye on their two young daughters. Six months ago, walking his wife to the plasma clinic and back, kids in tow, was the most important job he had.

The first thing the year-old does when she gets to the donation center is check in, and as a regular donor, she can bypass the initial, time-consuming health screening. She proceeds to a kiosk, rhythmically clicking the mouse to answer the required questions about her health.

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After completing these initial steps, she sits in the waiting room, listening for her name to be called. And then if everything is okay, you wait and get your finger pricked to test for your iron and your protein and stuff…Usually, it be during my time of the month that my iron really goes down.

Today she has brought along a Nicholas Sparks novel she checked out of the library.

A technician feels around for her vein with a plastic-gloved finger, rubs on some iodine with a Q-tip, positions an IV, and inserts a needle. For the usual donor, the procedure takes about 45 minutes, but for her it takes well over an hour, as she is just over the minimum weight of pounds. The ritual takes roughly three hours, door to door. Later, she says the procedure makes her squeamish.

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I never look at it when they do it. Many among the extreme poor bear these small scars from repeated plasma donations. While he cleared the requisite test and medical examination, he was denied the job on account of a tattoo on his right forearm.

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As per CISF rules, tatoos are not allowed. Pakhare said he tried to remove the tattoo surgically, but failed to have it removed completely.

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He moved the court for relief, arguing that as the Army makes exception for those who have tattoos depicting religious symbols, the CISF be directed to do the same. City Students cross a path inundated by gushing water in Warangal, video goes viral Tamil Nadu: Fans of superstar Vijay indulge in arson, go on a rampage Cyclone, 'extremely heavy rainfall' warning for Mumbai, Goa before Diwali Locals, forest officials join hands to rescue jumbo from well.

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