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Lifetime E30/E36/E46 3 Series Rear Shock Mount (RSM) Set

Originally Posted by lbennyboobool. Originally Posted by TH3 Shifty. I bought some revshift trans mounts.

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I also found that garagistic is having a sale on many items including reinforced subframes, if that's your thing. Originally Posted by darbyfam. Originally Posted by notMpowered.

  • BMW E30/E36/E46 3-Series Rear Shock Mount Gaskets.
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  • I'm between the power steering kit or a bunch of stuff from FCP View Profile View Forum Posts. Am I going crazy or didn't BavAuto at one point make a big deal out of having what they claimed to be their last sale ever? I thought they said they'd just keep the prices low, always, with no need to offer specials? Originally Posted by Ex Bimmerworld used to do a lot better on deals too.. Originally Posted by TostitoBandito.

    Damn you, now I have as well. When the big sale was only 1 day that meant crazier crowds but better savings. Now you can take your time over the 4 days so the savings are less Crazy deal! LINK to all my deals. Not only will these provide an improvement in performance, but they're guaranteed to last a lifetime!

    The entire rear suspension is mounted to the chassis with these subframe mounts. Revshift polyurethane rear subframe bushings completely replace the oem rubber bushings on the E46 , , , , M3, Z4. Rear subframe Bushing recommendation. If you can do the work yourself, just get the proper measurements and cut and weld your own patch.

    I replaced everything in my signature suspension-wise all at once on a , mile suspension with torn CA bushings, so the difference was unreal. Comes with all necessary mounting hardware where applicable Solid Aluminum subframe bushings eliminate old rubber mounts. Easy to use parts catalog.

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    I had the same problem with a set of Meyle subframe mounts. Let us know what you think! Remove the jack and repeat the process on the other side. Most OEM subframe bushings are made of rubber, which over time begins to wear and crack. A couple of weeks back I posted a question regarding noise from the rear suspension, and Shayne asked me to check the subframe bushings. My passenger wheel in particular has been "steering" the car all over the road the last month or two. In the kit we supply two Interloc solid rear subframe bushings and hardware.

    Also for Nova. What's not to like? Cheaper than Lowes for the same item and it appears that I can get it sooner. It is a 95 nissan sx. To prepare to install your new TyrolSport Bushing you will have to Place your car on jack stands and remove the front wheels. Quantities are limited, subject to availability.

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    Chassis versus ShellIt becomes difficult to nail down where the chassis stops and the body starts when the vehicle has a uni-body frame. Subframe bolts 65 Ft lbs Strut bolts 25 ft lbs Suggestions: I highly suggest a impact wrench. Another is to use the special tool volvo made. Shop with confidence. The diff spacers are necessary when raising the subframe.

    Cutting the bushing out with a hole saw is an option, but it's not easy. With a failed subframe bushing, noise and vibration become a major issue for both the driver and the passengers. Check here for special coupons and promotions. Replacing subframe parts and components is not as complicated as it may seem as long as you have access to the subframe itself.

    If your vehicle is making excessive clunking noises, vibration, and feels generally loose around corners or in regular driving, then your subframe bushings can very well be the culprit. Bushings removed: good vs. I will not cover installation or removal of subframe for I assume everyone has a copy of their fsm. Gear UP! BMW e46 solid delrin rear subframe bushing 75D The e46 is a magnificent chassis.

    This means that the ability to write new posts and access various member features will go away. A modified bushing referred to as the rear ball joint is used at the control arm-to trailing arm attachment point. How much would a subframe cost to repair, the guy said hed need to pull the subframe or it would chew the tire If it is the actual structure that the subframe Subframe bushing replacement There are 6 subframe bushings.

    I found that I had missed a line connector. To put it another way, the chassis is the pure functional component assembly without the body on it. This can be done after cutting away the rubber which will let the subframe lower and will only leave the aluminum sleeve.

    Excellent price with no tax and free shipping. Since I had the subframe alignment tool at my shop I decided to drop both sides at once and fix the problem. For the subframe bushings, you also have two options. The facts are that the subframe bushings are flexing a lot. Subframe bushings Find great deals on eBay for e46 subframe bushing. Dear All, I thought I'd add some photographs of my most recent fun - Sub-frame removal and bushing replacement on my W D.

    Now, lower the body down on the bushings and thread the bolts up into place with the other bushing halves and washers. Results 1 - 48 of 64 Remove the stock subframe bushing by making this setup on a bench vise: The sockets go in these slits. In these chassis configurations, the body shell serves as the frame. The best course of action is to tap the aluminum sleeve and then thread in a large bolt and then use a vise grip slide hammer to hammer it out.

    This makes for a solid and more connected ride that allows the rear-end to remain rigid and firm under stress or load. An original AKG design, raises the subframe 12 mm to adjust for extreme negative camber The rear subframe with bushing inserted, and bolted, it is a sandwich with plate at the bottom and the frame above. Back the puller off, and wiggle the subframe back up on the bolt which should have been started into the bushing before pressing it in.

    Parts are just part of what we do. Trunnion Bushing, Rear Subframe, Early 2A A stiffened subframe allows the car to increase traction to the rear wheels and helps eliminate wheel hop. Shop for Subframe bushings Automotive Parts at Shopzilla. Does anyone have experience with changing these?

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    It seems the subframe needs to be removed from the car completely and a special tool from Volvo has to be used. Will not wear out like oem bushings. When they move, so do all of the rear suspension mounting points. Quickly and easily installed, the bushings eliminate clunking noises and restore original ride control.

    They can be had from Unique. They are the harder poly bushing we make we have a harder poly version as well as a harder Delrin version. It is a chinese replacement part of lower quality in a gm box. MM developed this tool to help with the removal of the stock rubber bushings from the IRS subframe. Utilize our Loan-A-Tool program to assure you have all the right tools for this intricate repair.

    Turbo E36 gets Solid Condor Speed Motor/Trans mounts!

    If I remember correctly, the body bushings are torqued to lb ft and the core support bushings get 45 lb ft.